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Is Apex Weight Solutions Right For You?



Dr. Kim is a board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine licensed to practice in Illinois and Wisconsin, a graduate of Rush University Medical Center, and a Chicago native. She spent the first 10 years of her career managing complex medical problems for hospitalized patients. During her years of practice, she encountered countless patients struggling with unhealthy weight and the devastating consequences that can occur without proper education and guidance. Despite a strong association between weight and common medical conditions, she often observed discussions regarding weight being overlooked in favor of treating just diabetes or heart failure. She watched as patients only experienced temporary relief, before returning to the hospital, discouraged and hopeless.


Apex Weight Solutions was born out of a desire to be a part of the solution. Our mission is to address the root of the problem, not just the consequences. As a medical weight loss clinic located within Summit Digestive and Liver Disease Specialists in Park Ridge IL, we are committed to bridging the gap in the limitations of healthcare entities and hospital systems to effectively manage such a complicated medical condition. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized obesity as a chronic disease in 1948, our knowledge of this complex medical condition has evolved significantly. The narrative that willpower determines one’s weight is not only outdated, it is medically false! Obesity is a chronic medical condition, just like high blood pressure. The health of your parent prior to conception, the manner of your birth, your environment, gut hormones, the nervous system, and areas of your brain that regulate reward, learning, and memory, all contribute to one’s weight. In other words, it is very complex! It’s not that you are powerless to junk food or fast food; these substances stimulate the brain to want it more, and debate it less.


The best weight loss program requires a multidisciplinary approach. Apex Weight Solutions places the patient in the driver’s seat, by empowering individuals with useful knowledge that can be immediately incorporated into their life the very same day! Invaluable resources such as body composition analysis, prescription medication(s), referrals to reputable physical therapy, and nutrition and behavioral counseling services are also at your disposal. Apex Weight Solutions was created for those who are frustrated with their weight loss journey, ready to take a step in the right direction, and looking for easy-to-follow, detailed guidance, every step of the way.


Our clinic is a one-stop solution to comprehensive care for patients struggling with their weight. We welcome you with open arms and look forward to being an integral part of your long-term healthcare journey. Come experience all that Apex Weight Solutions can offer, in a compassionate and empathetic environment, where you will be treated with dignity and respect.

Let's Do This!


Founder, Julie Kim, MD

Meet Julie Kim MD

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Is Apex Weight Solutions Right
For You?

  • Are you struggling with maintaining a healthy weight with little success, or short-term success?

  • Do you have a history of medical problems associated with unhealthy weight, such as high blood pressure or diabetes?

  • Are you a night shift worker who has difficulty eating healthy?

  • Do you travel frequently and struggle with temptations at airports and hotels?

  • Are you struggling to get pregnant and have excess weight? Or you struggle with post pregnancy weight gain years after giving birth?

  • Have you experienced weight gain from certain medication(s), or scared to start a necessary medication for fear of weight gain associated with the medication?

  • Do you have a history of weight loss surgery, became lost to follow up and regained the weight?

  • Do you have any other concerns not listed above, and want to talk to a board certified specialist on how to improve your weight and keep it off?

Our Mission Statement

Apex Weight Solutions is committed to providing lifelong, one-on-one treatment tailored to you, to improve your health, and increase the quality of your life.

Apex Weight Solutions is for individuals seeking to optimize their health, as well as those who want to prevent long-term complications, or progression of their chronic medical problems stemming from unhealthy weight. The World Health Organization was the first health organization to recognize obesity as a chronic disease in 1948. This was followed by the American Medical Association also publicly recognizing obesity as a chronic disease since 2013. Since then, our understanding of the complex pathways and evidence-based treatments of unhealthy weight have continued to evolve and grow, yet, very few doctors address this as a disease, let alone have the knowledge, or adequate time during your visit, to properly address this condition. Just 5-10% of weight loss can improve parameters for metabolic syndrome, blood pressure, and diabetes, positively impacting your quality of health. As this field continues to grow, patients should take advantage of the benefits that a board certified obesity medicine specialist can provide you. Read More.




There are three phases of our program.


Comprehensive Care that begins with complete history and assessment.


Overview of your current achievements to date.


Strengthening lasting changes you have already made.

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